English courses

It is inescapable to do without English. It has become not a choice to learn it but one among the necessary languages, if not the most necessary, to learn and use in all ranges of a activities.

Hence it is one of SBC concerns to provide you with English training syllabus and high standard teaching level via a highly qualified teaching staff.

The objectives of our training in English are: to boost your English skills and improve your level in a minimum time period. 

Anglais général

Anglais des affaires

Anglais  professionnel

Préparation aux tests d’anglais

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Accueil (Hôtesse &  Steward)et assistance



Ressources humaines

  Préparation TOEFL


  Niveau intermédiaire   Niveau intermédiaire
  Niveau avancé   Niveau avancé   Préparation ITELS