Senior technician Certificate

BTS  Accounting and Finance
Such a technician is in fact a senior accounting technician. Accordingly, he/she can not only work in any accounting firm, in the accounting department of any company, in a bank, in an insurance company but deal with administrative services too.


BTS  Multimedia Technician
Multimedia technician makes touch-ups of printed documents or those intended to web-based application or multimedia. Had he/she attended the whole training period, this kind of technicians would have been able to handle: graphic design of printed document, image processing, documents graphic design or that of image intended to web or to multimedia applications and 3D images and animation.


Executive assistance
Executive assistance training makes the trainee ready to play an important role within a company. He/she will be able to direct individuals or a team (project-group, service all in all concerning various activities.
So that one can undertake such a training course he/she is to have the following qualities :
– Communication skills.
– Synthesis and analysis sense.
– Adaption capacity.
– Order sense.
– Good command of some languages.
– Handling administrative techniques and methods, in addition to functioning knowledge.
– Focus on relational dimension.
– Accounting familiarity.


BTS  in International Trade
Once you have had a diploma in international trade, you are considered as an import-export professional (expert), generally working in either an industrial or commercial company.
You are then expected to:
– Keep an eye open on foreign markets.
– Prospect both purchase and sale.
– Elaborate offers.
– Sell and take part in negotiation process.
– Ensure administrative and commercial follow-up of purchases.
– Coordinate support services and external providers.