Business plan

SBC provides you with the best advice and pursuing all different steps of your project.

In case you intend to launch a company, a business plan is helpful:

It is really basic for a company, which has been active for years or booming, to have a business plan.

If you are running an existing company, a business plan can assist you:

  •  Make your idea about the project steady.
  • Sell your idea to investors and to lenders.
  • Set up a strategy for the project future.

If your company is booming, a business plan essentially required :

  • Establish your company growth rate and development strategy.
  • Get the funding of your company expansion.
  • Assess your output compared to the aims and objectives already set.

If you leave your company, a business plan helps you to :

  • Develop a plan for property transfer, sale or company closure.
  • Induct a timeline for the transition.
  • Identify the financial needs as well as regulatory requirements.