Smart Business Consulting

Smart Business & consulting is a training institute both certified and approved by the Tunisian state. SBC suggests fast-track courses concerning a set of languages for all levels, whatever ...

Study and advice

Conducting a market study is meant to explore the environment of a future business.
Hence, SBC supports investors both nationally and internationally by dint of project study and interview consulting.
So as to ensure excellent and permanent services, in addition to assignments advice and management. Our team provides you with its particular abilities aptitude, know-how and experience.

  • Companies creation
  • Business plan
  • Project funding
Linguistic journey

Our wide network allows you to learn any language of your own choice in any country and any town you will decide on.
Amongst our various destinations for a linguistic journey we suggest:
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland ,Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and so on and so forth.

As far as accommodation is concerned, you can either chose to live with an English speaking family, or private dwelling.